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Fatty deposits around the knees can b

Knees Kent | Losing Elasticity Kent | Weight Lose Kente unattractive and affect self-esteem. This concern can also influence the types of clothes worn, as some individuals feel uncomfortable wearing anything that exposes their knees, including swimsuits, shorts, skirts and dresses. 

 The skin on your knees can also sag, generally age is the culprit, with the skin losing its elasticity as you get older. When you lose a lot of weight, your skin can also become loose, including the skin over your knees, and this is usually a more difficult problem to attack.

Thankfully there are quick and safe ways for reducing and getting rid of excess fat and loose skin around the knees.

Recommended Treatments

At Persona Cosmetic Medicine our highly skilled medical and aesthetic practitioners offer a range of simple non-surgical treatments that can help to improve the appearance of the knee area through a choice of the following treatments:

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