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Stubborn fat that is resistant to diet & exercise and stretch marks are just some concerns we experience on the buttock area.

Stubborn Fat Kent | Stretch Marks Kent | Buttock Fat KentFatty deposits can build up in the bum area which can be hard to shift no matter how much you diet and exercise and stretch marks can occur when the skin is stretched by rapid growth.

Stretch Marks are a form of scarring on the skin and are often the result from rapid weight gain or loss, or can be caused by hormonal changes due to puberty or pregnancy.  They are caused by the skin being overstretched, therefore preventing the elastic fibers from returning to their normal size. Some skin types are more susceptible to stretch marks than others and can be more noticeable. They are all treated in the same way and can be significantly reduced.


Recommended Treatments

At Persona Cosmetic Medicine our highly skilled medical and aesthetic practitioners offer simple non-surgical treatments that can help to reduce fatty deposits and the appearance of stretch marks through the following choice of treatments:

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