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Hyperhidrosis is a common condition causing individuals to sweat excessively, much more than the body needs in order to regulate its temperature. It is often uncontrollable and can cause social embarrassment and can severely affect confidence and quality of life.

The sweating can often happen Hyperhidrosis Kent | Excessive Sweating Kent | Armpit Sweating Kentwithout warning or reason. This can cause anxiety which leads to a vicious cycle, as the anxiety of getting sweaty, often leads to increased sweat production.

Many people with the condition are too embarrassed to seek medical help or believe that nothing can be done to improve their symptoms. However, there is help available.


The most common areas of concern are:

  • Armpits
  • Palms of the hands
  • Soles of the feet

Recommended Treatments

At Persona Cosmetic Medicine, our highly skilled medical practitioners offer a simple non-surgical treatment that can significantly help reduce sweat production:

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