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As many people age, they become concerned with rejuvenating and restoring the youthEar Lobes Kent | Sagging Earlobes Kent | Stretched Earlobes Kentful appearance of their face, and often forget about other areas such as the neck, hands, chest, and yes ear lobes!

As with skin anywhere else on the face and body the earlobes also loose collagen and elastin so the skin becomes thinner and weaker plus wearing heavy dangly earrings over the years can also take its toll.

Sagging earlobes and stretched out piercings can actually be improved with dermal filler injections. It will plump loose sagging skin and reduce fine lines.

Recommended Treatments

At Persona Cosmetic Medicine our highly skilled medical practitioners offer a non-surgical solution that can help to add volume and reduce the signs of ageing on the ear lobes:

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