Facial Thread Veins and Broken Blood Vessels | Persona Cosmetic Medicine

As we age, as with skin, our veins become more fragile, they can break easily and the dilated veins appear just below the surface of the skin. This occurs when collagen in the skin weakens, resulting in the vein staying open, increasing blood flow to the are which causes the visible fine red or purplish veins.Thread Veins Kent | Broken Blood Vessels Kent | Blood Spots Kent

In addition blood vessels can do the same and broken blood vessels can be seen all over the face and body resulting in small red dots which for some can resemble tiny little blood blisters.

Most clients seeking treatment for thread veins and broken blood vessels are looking to eliminate the visible appearance and redness for a clearer complexion.

The most common concerns on the face are:

  • Thread veins on the cheeks
  • Discolouration resulting a redish or bluish appearance
  • Broken blood vessels / blood spots

Recommended Treatments

At Persona Cosmetic Medicine our highly skilled team of medical and aesthetic practitioners offer a choice of simple non-surgical treatments that can significantly help to remove unwanted facial thread veins:

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