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Correction Clinic


Have you had treatment elsewhere? Does something  seem not quite right?  We can help at our Correction Clinic.

Our team of Doctors and Nurses can help correct and achieve the result you we hoping for.

You may have seen the term “migrated filler” used a lot. Many times it’s used when people are describing their horror stories with their filler experience. It doesn’t have to be so scary.

What is it?

Filler Migration is defined as the process of dermal filler spreading or “migrating” to another area beyond the site of injection. Whilst migration is mainly spoken about in terms of lip fillers, migration can also happen anywhere that filler is injected. This includes the tear-trough, jawline and also the cheeks.

You can spot filler migration as it can give that ducky or “shelf-like” appearance above the lip border. In areas such as the tear-trough, migration can be seen as little lumps and ridges around the lower eye area.

What causes it?

There are different theories as to how filler migration occurs.

Firstly, migration can occur if a client has their filler done by an injector who is inexperienced and isn’t aware of the structure of the skin. In this instance, sometimes too much filler can be placed in areas which it shouldn’t be or by placing the filler too deep.

Overfilling when treating with dermal filler is another factor which may increase the risk of filler migration. In the instance of the lips, if too much product has been placed then the filler will have no where else to go except outside of the lip’s border. This can cause that “shelf-like” and ducky appearance that we associate with filler migration.

Lastly, sometimes migration can be caused by the way that your body has chosen to break down the filler over time. Some practitioners believe that due to the way the mouth constantly contracts, this can cause filler migration over time.

How can I prevent migration?

Your best protection against filler complications is to do extensive research before choosing a practitioner. Look at client testimonials, before and after pictures and check the practitioner’s credentials and experience before choosing who to go with.

At Persona Medical Aesthetics, we believe in taking a personal yet professional approach to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. During your free consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or go through any details you are not sure about.


Client Reviews

Real client reviews about Correction Clinic at Persona

  • Persona are brilliant, I went to get a correction from fillers I had somewhere else and they done just that. Just shows cheap is not the best so thank you to the Dr who corrected me and thanks to the staff for a lovely service and experience.
    Gina - From Google Review
  • I first popped into the clinic after bodged lip filler elsewhere and met Georgina the glamorous Clinic Manager.

    Georgina was professional, understanding and very kind, she did not judge and went the extra mile to squeeze me in for a consultation with Dr Lisa around my work schedule.

    Having seen my face, Georgina gave me some bruise cream at no charge to start using, to help with the healing process.

    When I met with Dr Lisa for a first consultation this session was completely free and non obligatory.

    Dr Lisa is a professional, friendly and most importantly registered at the GMC, so you know your practitioner is medically trained and competent to administer the treatment you are seeking.

    I learnt my lip filler was ‘poor technique’, the top lip had been overfilled and the bottom lip had only been filled on one side and was crooked.
    From my profile I could see I had a ‘Duck lip’ and looked ridiculous.

    Dr Lisa removed the lip filler and we started again, she knew I felt anxious from my previous bad experience and was totally understanding.

    The new treatment was not rushed, I had no pain or swelling or bruising. In fact I actually received a £50 discount as a new customer. In the interim period the price of the treatments went up in price and the clinic honoured the prices they had originally quoted me.

    The clinic itself is brand new, clean, convenient to use on Bexleyheath Broadway and the staff working here are just so helpful, you can phone, email, drop in off the street
    Jayne - Google Review
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