Neck Sagging Skin Kent, Swanley | Neck Lines & Wrinkles Kent, Swanley

Our face and body does not age evenly. There are areas, such as the neck, where the skin is thinner and over the years have been exposed to the sun and other environmental factors. The neck, if not looked after in the same way we treat our face, can age prematurely and give away a person’s true age.

As we age, women in particular, can lose their long slender necks as the chin and jaw line becomes heavier.  The skin can become thin and crepey, developing fine lines and deeper wrinkles. The skin also loses its elasticity becoming loose and saggy, known unflatteringly as ‘turkey neck’

Neck Sagging Skin Kent | Neck Lines & Wrinkles Kent | Neck Jawline KentThe treatments we offer for the neck area will firm, tighten and lift loose sagging skin, reduce fine lines, improve the jaw line, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles that deepen as we age.

The most common concerns for the neck area are:

  • Sagging loose skin
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Thinning crepey skin
  • Heavy chin, jowls and jawline

Recommended Treatments

At Persona Cosmetic Medicine our highly skilled team of medical and aesthetic practitioners offer a range of simple non-surgical treatments that can significantly help to improve the neck area through the following choice of treatments:

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