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Skin tags are small flesh-coloured or brown growths that hang off the skin and are usually a few millimeters in size, although can grow as big as 5cm. The medical name for skin tags is acrochordons and they can found on the both the face and neck, and on the body.

Anyone can develop skin tags, but they are particularly common in older people and people who are overweight as it is thought they grow where skin ruSkin Tags - Eyelids, Neck, Armpits, Groin, Breast | Kentbs against skin or clothing.

Skin tags are harmless and do not usually cause pain or discomfort. However they can get bigger overtime and be unsightly and affect self-esteem, or may snag on clothing or jewelry and bleed which is why many clients seek to have them removed.

The most common areas of concern are:

  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Around the groin
  • Under breast

Recommended Treatments

At Persona Cosmetic Medicine our highly skilled medical practitioners offer treatments to remove skin tags:

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