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Online Botox course

Online courses

Dr Lisa's courses Vs Other courses

Dr Lisa Delamaine Online courses
  • Teaches in multiple brands of products
  • Teaches basic & advanced as part of the same course
  • Online 
  1. Allows for multiple case presentations
  2. Can review results and learn how to make any adjustments
  3. Referral back to the course at any time
  4. Do it at your own pace.
  • Practical sessions – 

build on online learning allowing for multiple patient practice in physical sessions

  • Ongoing support with direct access to Dr Lisa
  • Approved by HFIS & non medical insurers
  • Fair pricing
  • Multiple courses to choose from to build your medical aesthetic portfolio
Other Courses
  • Teaches only one brand
  • Teaches basic and advanced in separate courses
  • Physical
  1. Limited number of patients
  2. Not possible to review results and learn to make adjustments
  3. Teaching within a limited time frame
  • No ongoing support
  • Not all approved by regulatory bodies
  • Can be very expensive
  • Limited number of courses


The medical aesthetic industry has been completely unregulated to date. However this is about to change. There is a lot of speculation and misinformation being disseminated but the link below will provide you a factual summary of what is and is not being reviewed. 

If you are looking to pursue training in this field it is important that you familiarise yourself with the latest government plans. Two key organisations Save Face and the JCCP, have been campaigning for years to bring in regulations to protect patient safety. However this has been slow and the government is only currently considering some aspects of this industry. 

Save Face report

JCCP report

About The Changing regulations

What is currently under government consideration: 

  • A licensing scheme will be introduced for all those practising Medical Aesthetics and it is divided into 3 categories. 
  • 1. Green – those procedures with the lowest risk of complications – no licence needed?  
  • 2. Amber – Those procedures with medium risk of complication to INCLUDE botulinum Toxins, Dermal fillers to the face and many more. NON HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS MUST BE LICENSED and have relevant oversight by a named regulated healthcare professional. I.E they will not be able to just setup and go it alone as is current practice. It is unlikely medical professionals will need a licence. 
  • 3. Red – Procedures to be performed by Healthcare professionals ONLY -? No Licence required. 
To summarise, as medics it appears that you will NOT need a licence to practise Medical Aesthetics.



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